Green Tea


Green Tea is made by using the leaves of Camellia sinensis (Tea plant). It was originated in China during the reign of the King Shennong and later its production spread to other countries of Asia. There are many variations of green tea depending upon a variety of tea leaves used, production and processing of the tea, horticultural methods, and time of harvest of the tea plant. The tealeaves used are dried out and go through a different oxidation and withering process than black tea.

Benefits of Green Tea


According to the researchers, Green Tea is considered the healthiest drink and is believed to be rich in catechins, which are antioxidants that fight and prevent cell damage because it is not processed much. It lowers cholesterol and improves the blood flow in the body. It is believed to help in prevention from heart-related issues, maintaining blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It contains EGCG, which is an active ingredient that helps in losing weight. It is also considered good for the brain and blocks development of plaques that are related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Food for Good Skin


The recent studies reveal that there are certain nutrients present in our diet, which increase radiance, wrinkle reduction and acne prevention of our skin. There are some foods, which are considered good for skin, and one can include them in their daily diet quite easily. These foods include Dark Chocolates, Yogurt, Pomegranates, Walnuts, Peppers, Sunflower seeds, Kidney Beans, Soy Bean, Oatmeal, Green tea, etc. All these foods are naturally loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients, which help to keep your skin healthy, beautiful and glowing at the same time.

Water Therapy is the Best Beauty Tip


Water is literally skin’s best friend. Drinking up to 8 glasses of water per day helps to improve the skin’s glow and prevent many diseases at the same time. Water therapy is drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. This intake of water helps to improve the glow of skin, remove many harmful toxins from our body and keep our body hydrated. It is important for you to drink water when you wake up in the morning. This keeps the body hydrated throughout the day and is believed to show the best results.

Benefits of Drinking Water to Overall Health


Water is essential for life. The human body is made up of up to 75% water content and it is a major portion. It is recommended that an average person should intake about 8-15 glasses of water per day. Drinking water can give you multiple health and beauty benefits. We are going to discuss some of them in this article.

    Fatigue releaser and Energy Booster

Drinking water helps to boost the energy in your system and also help you to focus, think and concentrate better. Like our whole body, our brain is also made up of water mostly and drinking a good amount of water helps the brain to be more active and alert. Therefore, it is recommended that whenever you are feeling fatigued and tired, go and have a tall glass of water and it will immediately pump up some energy into your system making you feel like you have levelled up like a game character.

    Helps with weight loss

It is also found after research that drinking water when one wakes up in the morning helps to shed off extra fat. Generally, drinking water removes the by-products of fat and helps to reduce the eating intake as one feels pretty full after a drink and automatically consumes a lesser portion of the meal. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and literally reduces your hunger. It also boosts up your metabolism and helps in digestion of food. The biggest plus point is that water has zero calories.

    Removes toxins from the body

Drinking a good amount of water helps to remove all the major harmful toxins from the body through urination and sweat. The body gets rid of the waste and the risk of kidney stones and Urinary tract infections is greatly reduced.

    Improves skin condition

Water is skin’s best pal and helps to keep it radiant and glowing. Drinking a good amount of water will keep your skin moisturized. Water also makes your skin look more fresh and smooth. Drinking water can literally help you with wrinkle reduction and prevention from acne breakouts. Water therapy has been considered the best anti-aging cure all around.

    Aids in digestion

Water intake helps to boost the metabolic rate of the body and hence, enhance the digestion process. Drinking water will make your digestive system function better and it will prevent you from being constipated too.

    Immune System Booster

If someone intakes a good amount of water daily, chances of him getting sick are greatly minimized. Water helps to boost up your immune system and will help you fight off the flu. It is also believed that water intake helps to fight off cancer and heart attacks.

    Headache remedy

Water intake literally helps to relieve headaches, migraines and even back pains. These are caused due to dehydration so next time you feel a little pain, the first thing you need to do is to drink a glass of water. This will help your body to be hydrated properly and the pain will go away.

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