While getting dental implants can definitely give you a much prettier smile, there are a few things you should be aware of about them before you have dental implant surgery.


Dental implants do not hurt — You may have been told by well-meaning friends that dental implants are painful. In fact, they are not.


Yes, you may experience some pain while having them installed, as the surgeon does have to drill into your jaw bone. Once the surgery is finished and the area around your dental implants is healed, they will feel just like your natural teeth.


Some can be finished in one session — While you may have to go back to a dentist several times to complete the dental implants process, you also may not.


This depends on how many dental implants you will be getting, and if specialized tooth implants are used that will go to work to stabilize them in your jaw. If this does happen, your implants will be finished within just a few hours.


Then it is just a case of going home and starting to take care of them.


Surgeons tend to be more expensive — It is obviously up to you whether you decide to go with a surgeon or a general dentist for your dental implants, as they can be done by both.


If you do go with a surgeon, however, just be aware you will probably have to pay more as you are paying for specialized service. Get free quotes from both general dentists and surgeons before you make your decision. That way you know how high and how low your expenses can be. But you can also get your teeth implants abroad and save a hefty penny.


A tooth extraction hurts more — Just to put the pain into perspective, if you compare having dental implants installed in your mouth with a typical tooth extraction, in most cases the pulled tooth will hurt more.


With a typical dental implant there is much less pressure used than when having a tooth pulled, so the force to your jaw is far less.


They look like natural teeth — You may think once you get your dental implants, people will be able to tell they are not your natural teeth. The reality is they will not.


This is because dental implants look like natural teeth, and they will be color matched to your teeth as well.


Once the implant has settled in, they feel natural as well. After all, they are just sitting firmly in your jaw bone just like your natural teeth.


They will not get cavities — One truly wonderful thing about having dental implants is you will not get cavities.


Yes, they can be damaged with an abrasive toothpaste or by cleaning them too vigorously but, you will never have to worry about the pain of cavities with your implants.


Almost as strong as your natural teeth — Implants are also very strong.


This means you can eat the food you have always eaten, and not worry about them cracking or breaking off.