Around 70% of all seniors 65+ need help with daily care duties because they can no longer do it without assistance. Problem is, many seniors lack families who can sit with them day and night to ensure their needs are met. Home care near me services come to the rescue, providing help for patients who need someone around for house cleaning, bathing and grooming help, meal preparation, running errands, and companionship.

Independent at Home

The HCAA reports that “nine out of 10 seniors want to stay at home.” Moving into a nursing home disrupts an individual’s quality of life. Many seniors spend 20, 30, 40 years or more in their homes. An abrupt move certainly causes a plethora of negative aspects of their lives. In-home senior care is the solution, providing care that allows the patient to remain in their home where they’re most comfortable and content.

Home Care Services Vs. Home Health Care Services

Home caregivers are not licensed. They do not provide any medical services. However, such care is available for patients that need this help. This service is known as home health care. Unlike home care, home health care is designed to provide medical care for patients stricken with many diseases, ailments, and conditions. Licensed doctors and medical staff come to the patient’s home to provide care.

What Type of Services do Caregivers Offer?

Caregivers offer non-medical services that allow the patient to enjoy life without worry. Almost every senior care company researches employees before they bring them on board to provide care services. Even still, it’s a good idea to learn more information about any home care company you intend to hire to ensure they properly vet the caregivers. This ensures quality care when it is needed the most. They come into the home and handle tasks such as preparing meals, changing wound dressing, assisting with showers/baths, light house cleaning duties, and even companionship. Yes, a caregiver is there to watch a movie or play that game of Scrabble with seniors -any time they’re ready.

Home Care Costs

Homecare costs are paid out of pocket by the patient/family. Medicare/Medicaid does not pay for the service. The costs of using homecare service are usually charged as an hourly rate which is considerably cheaper than the costs of home health care costs or even nursing home care costs. The average senior caregiver charges a rate of about $20 per hour. Compare caregivers before making a selection. No two providers charge the same rates or offer the same outstanding level of care that a person expects. A bit of research easily reveals the caregivers who will exceed expectations and help seniors thrive.